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-enhanced rain showers because there is cool air coming in behind the storm system. overall for us, it is going to increase the clouds throughout the day. eventually we have a chance for sprinkles tomorrow. right now high pressure in control. that will dominate our weather throughout the rest of the day. there is a disturbance riding along this boundary. as this moves north of us, that may bring a chance of sprinkles. there is a better bet of rain once this storm system shifts our way. that comes into tuesday night, wednesday when we talk about heavier rain in the forecast. for today you have the sunshine to start. clouds moving in toward the afternoon. we will warm up into the low to mid 70's across central maryland. 73 for southern maryland. etion city will be in the upper 60's. cooler in nature. mid 60's toward the afternoon. they will be the first to see the clouds move in. they just get a taste of showers tonight. if you are taking the boat out, it may not be the best of ideas. we have a small craft advisory in effect for the afternoon and evening. because of the stronger winds, gusts coul
?l??8/?/?????x - trawler fest- robbdorfmeyer from "passage maker" (a boating magazine) joins us live frrm the inner harbor - what is trawler fest? 3estt trawler fest oes through sundda at the inner harbor marina.for more information go to foxbaltimore dot com slash 3 3 3 coming up... bank f america customers fightinggback... agaanst a new debit card fee. fee."why do they need to charge us $5 a month just for usiig sooethhig we've used foo literally yyars without having fee??how many thoussnds of people... have signed a petition. 3and a orld-wide effort.... honoring the life of pple co-founder, steve jobs.what week from're ... a - watching fox 45 mooning news.. all llcal.. all morning. ((break 2) testimony ccntinues today... murray... the doctor accused in michael jackson's death. the stand.elissa fleak ays she ttok this photo of jackson....after he died at the hospital. she also the singee's bedroom... nd in including a bottle of propofol. mmurry has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manssaughter.if convicted... he faces up toofour years behind bbrs. 3protest
weekend, everybody. thank you for being with us tonight. ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's monday, october 30th, i'm al lynn camerota. it's not a trick, a storm hit the coast. thousands maybe millions waking without power this morning. >> dave: boy what a storm. and president obama issued an ultimatum to republicans saying he we can't wait to pass this jobs bill. >> republicans, they haven't gotten the message. >> dave: what's the president's message, should he bypass congress to get things done. >> clayton: plus, herman cain proving he's got staying power on the cain train. the g.o.p. hopeful now topping two new polls in key states. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> yes, it is, look at that. creepy, spooky morning here on "fox & friends," ooh, a guiel. >> clayton: zombie. >> alisyn: they've been up all night, and on this show, this is what they look like. >> dave: look at the grind we put them through. >> clayton: that's fantastic. >> alisyn: that's skaury. >> clayton: i'm not going to get coffee. >> alisyn: we have a spooky show this morning, everyone, we have lots of gh
. yesterday was kelly's final day in the u.s. navy and astronaut. he says he wants to spend more time helping his wife, congresswoman gabrielle giffords after the shooting rampage. they have a memoir due out in november. those are the latest headlines. >> good luck to him. >> to washington, the supreme court convenes for a new term. they have their work cut out for them. on the docket, the president's landmark health care law. >> peter doocy live in washington d.c. with more this morning. good morning, peter, you come back to work and you kind of want to ease in, lay low, you know, have no heavy lifting. no such luck for the supreme court, huh? >> it's interesting, a lot of what you hear in this election year from republicans and conservatives in congress and republicans running for president, is that the government is too big and we need to shrink it. completely different legislative body than congress. the supreme court is likely going to end up having a say in that before anybody else and perhaps more substantial, and more substantial way, the overarching theme is about the federal governm
officers have used to turn off the ccmeras. -------------------------------- ----------- amanda knox.. set free. free."she suffered for four years for a crime she did not c" commit" the emotional verrict forrthe former college student accused could arrive back in the u-s. -------------------------------- --------------- the chance for more rain tonight, but warmer and drier weather is fiiaaly moving toward mmryllnd. when it will arrive n my skywatch forecast.----------------------- -------------------------------- of dollars.. spent to restore power after the hurricane. b-g-e wants to pass the coot on to you. when you could see a hike in your bills.. hello, i'm jenniier gilbert..eff barnd is off tonight. a social security administration worker in woodlawn is shot while n break. keith daniels live at the agency's sprawling complex tonight where the violence put the place on lockdown.. keith. the shooting did not happen in any of he buildings.. but closeeto the complex. p the ictim was taking a strrll when someone attacked hi. him. it happened just before nn
in the u.s. and europe and make any kind of an economic recovery even more difficult and also says the reason nobody in the obama administration has come forward with this info about iran's nuclear weapons program already is because they think that after the united states told the whole world iran had weapons of mass destruction back in 2003, and we didn't find any, that the international community might not believe what we've got to say, they might not trust our evidence, alisyn. >> alisyn: boy, that's a shame. thank you, peter, for the update. developments in the case of missing baby irwin. police in kansas city questioning a local homeless man named johnnie tanko reportedly doing odd jobs in the neighborhood the night that lisa disappeared and unrelated charges and police i sin he is he' not a suspect at the moment. >> he want today talk to him no more or less than we did somebody who lives two houses down. what the result was i don't know. really i want to stress the guy is not a suspect. >> alisyn: right now the governor of missouri is sending 25 members of the national guard
find him so, u.s. kept surveillance of him as with bin laden in may and they were flying the drones and they could be operated from the united states and they could watch what was happening in the hide out from here. >>clayton: and al-aliwalki is from new mexico and many of the drone missions are flown out of new mexico. bases there. think of that, being killed from your home state in the united states, in yemen, by a drone operated by our military. >>dave: the predator drone at 3:00 a.m. east coast time, 9:55 local time, you can see a good picture of what happened. he left the him, went out to his car and tried to escape when he realized he was being targeted and could not escape the second missile. >>clayton: there is criticism now and even when he was targeted before and whether the united states has the authority because he is a u.s. citizen to attack and kill a u.s. citizen. and, texas republican ron paul, has come out and criticized the operation. enflamtory saying without a trial and due process the president doesn't have the authority to assassinate an american citizen. >>al
confronted the vice president coming up over the rape comment. >>alisyn: and the end of u.s. presence in iraq. this is controversial. because we foe president obama wanted to pull u.s. troops out of iraq and he campaigned out of that, there were negotiations even as recently as august, that suggested that the president and the iraqis made an agreement to leave some behind for security purposes so iran would not move in and fighting would not break out among the separate groups. >>clayton: it started under president bush who in 2008 laid the groundwork for the withdrawal in 2011 but the bush administration and the obama administration thought it would come to an agreement, the main sticking point? that is the immunity clause, that the u.s. troops could be there and having in to do with iraqi law whatever. they could walk the streets, hold guns, whatever needed and be immunized from iraqi law. the iraqis said, no, that will not fly. >>dave: our troops have that immunity elsewhere where they serve but they would not grant them that same immunity if they stayed behind. here is what bolton had to
for waking up with us. he's the new top presidential pick in a straw poll, but does ron paul's win mean anything? we're going to break it down for you, straight ahead. >> good morning, everybody, do you remember fifth grade? do you remember your teacher telling you this? >> this god awful recession we inherited before we came in office. >> the vice-president enters a lesson in blaming bush. >> grab a tissue, new much research says big boys should cry. >> your nose. >> had nothing to do with that, "fox & friends" starts right now. oh, top of the morning to you. >> alisyn: look who is back on the curvy couch? it's mike jerrick for dave briggs. >> thank you, thank you. >> clayton: anybody else need one. >> in honor of the 15th anniversary of this network, i think i was here back 15 years ago. >> clayton: here you go. welcome back, mike. >> alisyn: thank you for pitch-hitting. is it pitch-iting. >> pinch-hitting. >> i don't use sports lingo. >> we have tons of politics, but a fox news alert. >> alisyn: your headlines now, n.a.t.o. confirming two service members have been killed in an insurg
will get us up to speed on that. and we'll get you up to speed on politics, this is the first big weekend in iowa. all the reporters saying it's in the air, people say a lull after the iowa state fair period and all of the candidates taking to eye with a, mitt romney was there on thursday and left. a number of individuals showed up there for the faith and freedom coalition to talk about social issues and you know, to a large base of evangelicals in iowa. >> that's right, there were six there in iowa and they have the first caucus on january 3rd, so it's very important for these candidates to be heard in that state. and you know, without that state, many of these candidates are going to be out of the running. >> it's interesting that abortion has been forced to the top of the political profiles of these candidates, as far as republicans go, bah us of what herman cain or didn't say, flip flopped or just plain flopped on his abortion stance earlier in the week and he tried to clarify his stance for the social conservatives in iowa on saturday. >> i will not sign any legislation in any way al
penny makes a difference to us...." why its not the only reason ot just for girll. wwy the controversial h-p-v for pre-teen boys. boys. clouds moving in tomorrow... and thhn rain will arrive. how long he wet weather will last in my skywatch forecast. fooecast.and the ravens try to . re-group."no excuses." excuses.""what coach harbaugh is saying after an embarrassing loss. hello i'' jennifer gilbert. and i'' jeff barnd.. 3 if.../ you drive... in maryland,...// ááyouáá could... soon pay.../ a... lottmore... in maryland.../ maryland.../ it appears a new gas tax is on the fast trrck in annapolis....and so are many other new fees. fees.. jeff abelllis live in nortt baltimore toniiht with theebotttm line, jeff... jeff... the pain just keeps getting worse here at the pumps.... p this weee, the priceeof gas began inchiig back up.... but it appears the worse come. l to come..- (4:03:08) (holds bin/gas tax) (audio) "gas is high enough as ittis...." at the pumps these days, mooorists are fuming. tte price of gas is on the rise.... and the gas (4:20:21) (ho
give us a call on the democratic line, -- host: congressman, you said some people have called for secretary steven chu's resignation. do you think he needs to resign over this? guest: before i would commit on this i would like to hear from him personally. i think he should be given a fair opportunity to present his case. as you know, one of this council has indicated their interpretation of the policy act of 2005 is they could subordinate, so let's hear their side before we make a judgment. host: let's explain the subordination. what do you think actually went wrong? was a law broken? explain the subordination issue that seems to be the crux of the energy and commerce committee's investigation. guest: is one sentence that basically says you cannot subordinate any taxpayer's money. host: we have that sentence from the energy policy act. guest: if you could show that, that would be good. host: this is the section under which this loan was given out under. section 17 02 states -- the obligation selby subject to the condition that the obligation is not supported to other financing
getting up with us. you are about to see new video from afghanistan where a nato convoy has come under attack. afghanistan officials confirm that three civilians and one police officer is dead in the homicide bombing and we hear reports that the u.s. troop could be among the casualties. the taliban claiming responsibility, with more details as it comes in. a bizarre turn of events in the case of missing baby lisa irwin. her family is being wicked away to a secret location just moments after they called police on a woman named tina porter. who own kids went missing back in 2004. she said she just wanted to offer her support. >> i am tina parter and want to speak to jeremy and deborah. when this is over and said and done, and whatever happens with lisa, if they expect the community to wrap their arms around them, they got another thing coming. >>alisyn: another strange twist the irwin's kansas city city based tone has been taken off the case. no word on why. but we will hear what the judge says about the case, covering it from start to finish at 9:15. the south carolina gunman who prompt
coped him through the whole thing telling him how to land safely in the choppy water. and they used a helicopter to pull him from the sea and get him to dry land. the officials commend miller say that he followed their directions perfectly and he walked away from the ordeal unharmed! >> is that sullenberger? >> smaller version. >> the occupy wall street protesters spread across the country. they are expected in cities big and small including lower manhattan where they started and in philadelphia. protesters will march to the liberty bell. they are you having to camp out to protester what many call "corporate greed." >> people are mourning the death of steve jobs in california. the apple co-founder was laid to rest yesterday at a private funeral for close friends and family. despite the battle with pancreatic cancer it was revealed jobs left blueprints for four years of new apple products. in addition he fought to get plans approve for a face ship styled company headquartered in cupertino. jobs died on wednesday at 56 years old. >>clayton: the mother ship he got through city council
...wasn't good football... didn'' execute ell...they beat us. us. tte ravens have a chancc to redeem themselves... at home sunday... against the arizona cardinals. ggme time ... one o'clock. that brings us to our question of the day:do youuttink the ravens can pull it together by you can also go to fox-baltimore dot com and tell us what yyu think... or sound off through facebook. send us a tweet.. at foxbaltimore. and you can text your answer to 45203. enter fox45a for yes.. or fox45b for no. some people will do anything for a littleeattention. arizona college student decided it would be a good idea to strip down in the middle of a football game.he's dressed as a ref... and tten &ptore it off during the middle did it to get onnthe t-v ys hh show.... áwipeout.áhis antics of rizona. m the university - coming up... the names of the jurors ii the casey anthony trial... will be released to thh public.why now... is the time to do so. you're wwaching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. ---ort discovery's fall-o-ween family festival on saturday --emily gracey is live with
,oron liutor uin fit,drki onry li tt t whii use. som y i wys th thi ist e. omuge w suhriseis repoer: tt isge ght,otsuse asurp se.po : tissresint's etire t, ampaan inrp.008 w si's e preresen tpa ide in e ir war08 w w a restak and t it fueded irar wis a rse i akndthe itue imars agnst llar r cl iton d pemise heould enartheag wt inar hecl n rst te psehe an ild fctene wn ttte w the an present f oba at t she w thhewing ews nferesce itnbat t 208 he o s thithngs er i 2 sotihi the reemt th bical sa troo woui b thcomi hom yemth balsa e en ofooou bmiom en 211 th las in thehiteouse 2 willo i11 wehn ethe itas waheatese vicry ut ll wa is eintestinthat hehet pridenwa trietoicast is in kwad of teinat derpren ie vtoryst fo hn k ofadmistraon ithe r vryfo h miaysra ie ead. >> ntehat e dfs d. wa in>> n iraqt defles twa aqarge trsiti. le thtide tf rsge rectring.ti the thawde ownnecg. ir e alleds ton rocusir tll figagait al edand rus t hievigajoaial a ctors agnst eeadship ev cludjog osa bi oragt adip lan. udosbi >>rerterand iq wasever gointo
about all of that. we do want to start with your headlines. we do have breaking news. apparent u.s. air strike in yemen has killed seven suspected militants. one of the dead is reportedly the son of the manual you are looking at there anwar al-awlaki. killed in a drone strike last month. al qaeda's media chief in yemen was also reportedly killed in yesterday's air strike which occurred? the shawba province. others were killed in that blast. new this morning we are hearing a chilling 911 call made minutes after eight people gunned down at that hair salon in california. >> hey, we have got some shootings over here in seal beach. >> where? >> the salon pch and fifth street. we need an ambulance. >> who is shot? >> some people in the salon here. >> who was it? >> i don't know. some large male a white man. >> that large man turned out to be scott decry. locked in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife worked in the salon. charged with killing her and seven other people. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty in this case. update now in the missing baby lisa irwin. anonymous donor
's mmgazine lovv deen's liberal use of butter... maxim opted for a stick of butter in place of coming up... one man's extreme easures... tt look ore llke his favorite super hero.what he's had donee.. and the procedureehe's you'rr watching fox 45 morning news.. all llcal.. all morning. (((ump out)) ((break 1)) i will awaken you with a song. i will present your world, at a glance. i will remain untangled and uncomplicated. and let nothing or no one go unnoticed. all from one. all for you. i am the new rhyme by htc. only from verizon. college park, maryland ace in - --meeeorologist emily graceyy is live with the deeails on this morning's hometown hotspot --located within the newly varsity, bbp pressnts an array of burgerssinspired by booby's extensive travels throughout america and his love of the grill in a convenient casual seg setting pobbb's burger palace is on ballimore avenue in college more information, log slash mornnng. 3 3 3 map fiber map 175 map old court map havee ou seen this boy?tte search... for 11-year-old william mcquian.and the mysterrous turn t took... last
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are ys us te livi in ght ornow? e yo kiddhig meou a y the d vitapen ttw? buruc cy yoddme at e e. pe the pele a worng nucecy to fi, you worke. i t thpe a or ne prat e ecfi w, orkiu ng 1 ur a d a a pr tec w kismoks in the fer a a tgovementnd tt's a nokxtinra to weks of va ti .vent t t' >> aou'rnext talking abo we o very very small aun t>>f'r tki apeop and n veryanernghema budgets e scropewndp nause ofnghe shendinthatoes . dgets cr tsseag for ceof s vinats tsmall.or >> v jonas-- >>it naal wl.e we jos- >> denad we 0,000 fedal job fro ' nd happens0, t00be f aro nd h peact. the al su it'sot j at is job,. ts rse withsu thet's jo i n thejo whcapito tl. jotherare iree herobhe dendentnto tm t er oe sidee rob iiv idthent beltway t ea ode i i the bthelay ntcts,ea nt ct s,bctrtorsand sub-ubntra ors, thabct'notrrstnd asonle a it'ariva b- rab.s, ha >>o yodenyhat te unonploy antt'ate wouvald be >> beyolownyt iunfoyeou be gnmen worke be wwer cut iryf mth a g fastnm or>> wre tng about ter utry m aonom and t some p ntst in w t ng bome the ecoommyd gsoto
... from a raging fire. 3&p"we just have a gulf that separrtes us." but next... the ennire season cculd be in jeopardy... for bbsketballlffns. what needs to happen... before the llckout is lifted. you're all ocal.. all morning. -33l?l??8/?/?????x man: my employer had been putting together a program for executive education, grooming the leadership abilities of their top 5%. a requirement to be accepted in the program was an undergraduate degree, which i did not have. that was the wake-up call i needed. ♪ don't want to miss a thing strayer university has afforded me the opportunity to progress to the level that i am now, which is chief information officer at the largest teaching hospital in southern new jersey. i'm michael sinno, and i earned my bachelor of science degree from strayer university. anyonn with plans to go to an n-b-a game next onth, will have to ethink those ttmmy andres eeplains... the regular seassn will not start on timee ffer players ann owners failld to reach aa deal. "we remain eally very, very far apart, on virtually all issues."it's not
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